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Baby showers are special times for mothers-to-be! Make it a special occasion with our unique Cakes and Shower Accessories!

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Mom's Corsage

We can create a unique corsage to match your theme.


Creamy, hand-made mints add a special touch to your shower.


A BIG hit!

Gifts for Baby

Custom Comforter Sets,


Picture Albums

Custom cloth covered albums for those special pix.

Ripple Afghan

Baby will love snuggling in this beautiful blanket.


We can also create beautiful announcements to let everyone know when the new one arrives!


Welcome Baby!


   A new baby in the house was going to be quite an adjustment.  Admittedly, in the the beginning, I was not too keen on the idea.  "We raised ours, now you raise yours” was pretty much our attitude.


   As our daughter grew and grew and grew some more, all this cute little baby stuff kept coming in the front door.  We knew the baby was a boy and our daughter was adamant that no pink, purple or girly stuff would ever reach his nursery. The little boy was now called Aubry and the Grandma reality was still sinking in.


   On a cold January night, Aubry appeared.  And as you might guess all it took was one look and PaPa and Grandma were hooked.  Now, all we need to make it through the day is his sweet smile.


   Grandma started making baby things.  Really soft fabrics in bright colors with cheerful characters Aubry’s Mother selected.  Bugs, frogs, cows, turtles with big bright eyes.  His crib set was so much fun to design.  When Aubry seemed inconsolable, his PaPa remembered how our middle son was comforted by the satin edging on his favorite blankie. Sure enough, Aubry latched on to his first “Satin Soother”.  I’ve chosen some cute kiddie fabrics and backed them with a washable satin.  Satin Soothers are 16”X41”.  Aubry wrapped himself up in it.  I had to make a second one for him while we wrestled the other into the washer.  Just try one, babies love the feel of satin.


   If you’re searching for the perfect nursery bedding set for the crib, cradle or bassinet, Designs by Delights can create the comforter, headboard bumper, coordinate curtains and even quilted wall hangings and rocker seat covers.


This Grandma job isn’t so bad!


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